Wisniewski blasts GOP on override vote

As soon as the millionaire’s tax override went belly in the Assembly along party lines, Democrats hit the “send” button on a release denouncing the other party for failing to buck Gov.. Chris Christie, who last month vetoed the legislature’s first effort at a millionaire’s tax.

“Today, all 33 Republicans in the Assembly made very clear where their priorities lie, and it’s not with the senior homeowners they claim to represent,” fumed Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Sayreville), chairman of the Democratic State Committee. 

“The vote and the choice was a simple one, restore property tax rebates to 600,000 senior and disabled homeowners or give a tax break to the wealthiest in the state.” 

“Despite tens of thousands of letters and calls from their constituents they decided to stand with those who can actually afford Chris Christie’s ‘shared sacrifice’ and against those who will truly need to sacrifice to cope with the crippling property tax increases Republicans are passing on to them.”

“I applaud Speaker Oliver and all my Democratic colleagues for their dedication and determination to protect our senior and disabled homeowners by pursuing an override of Governor Christie’s reckless veto.  I wish I could be appluading my Republican colleagues as well.”

Wisniewski blasts GOP on override vote