7.1.10—Great way to clean out your basement

I had the opportunity of interviewing David Larsen, the guy who scored the most points against Leonard Lance in the seventh Congressional District in the primary. Larsen told me that he showed up one day at Lance’s district office in Flemington with 50 or so “flip-flops” nailed to a board––to represent Lance’s will “flip-flop” votes in Congress. Larson videotaped that for his website––and I must say Lance’s staff was very patient.

A few weeks later Congressional Ed Potosnak came to Lance’s office with a box full of munchkins to represent lances vote on closing the doughnut hole a Medicare payments––I think.

So this gave me an idea: what a great way to clean out crap from your basement! All you need is an incumbent candidate running for office, some crap from your basement you’re trying to get rid of, and a good bull should reason for dropping off that stuff that the office. And–voilà! –You’re in business.

Let’s say, for example, you have one of those Stairmaster™ exercise machines in your house that’s become just a place to hang dirty laundry. You can drop it off at, let’s say, Congressman Scott Garrett’s office––and proudly declare, “Garrett has to step up and start working for the people––not just for himself!”

That might work.

Or your Aunt Edna sent you a fruitcake for Christmas but you’re still trying to get rid of. All you need to do is drop it off at Sen. Gerald Cardinale’s office in Cresskill, while passionately stating, “the senator’s votes on marriage equality make him as nutty as a fruitcake.”

Suppose you have an old ugly green paisley un-upholstered chair that you purchased at a yard sale and it has been in your basement for about seven years, (we had such a chair)––maybe you could leave it off at Sen. Michael Doherty’s office fiercely stating, “Since winning a seat in the Senate, Doherty’s votes are all worn out. And green and paisley.”

Well maybe some of them don’t work perfectly, but you get the idea. I’m sure they’re are others.

7.1.10—Great way to clean out your basement