A.G. Candidates Tread Lightly on Schneiderman Accident

After a candidates’ forum in the midtown offices of business law firm Duane Morris this evening, three of the attorney general candidates reacted to the news that one of their rivals in the race, State Senator Eric Schneiderman, had been accused of a hit-and-run while leaving the NY1 studio last night.

“Like everyone else, I am just getting the serious allegations. I really don’t have any comment other than that,” said Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, who circulated a statement around the same time calling them “disturbing allegations.”

Sean Coffey offered no comment of any kind, and stopped short of even characterizing the allegations. “I heard something on the way over here, I don’t know the facts, so I’m just not in a position to say,” Coffey said. “I would want to know more of the facts before I comment.”

Eric Dinallo went one step further — criticizing the very notion someone would make a political issue out of the news.

“Without more facts, I don’t want to comment,” he said. “I actually think that’s one of the problems with campaigning. I think people should have the facts before they shoot off their mouths on stuff. I think part of running for attorney general is demonstrating a certain amount of judgment and sobriety around talking about the office, talking about the issues, and not turning everything into a politicizing moment.”

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky spoke first at the forum — and had departed before I arrived — but had previously said it would be “unwise and unfair” to make any comment.

A.G. Candidates Tread Lightly on Schneiderman Accident