Anna Lewis Makes Gay Marriage Push in Wash Heights State Sen. Race

Anna Lewis, an attorney with the Health Department who is battling for the state Senate seat that attorney general candidate Eric Schneiderman is vacating, is making a major push to make the race about gay marriage.

Her campaign is just out with a release on the matter, and her latest mailer (designed by Michael Oliva) says on the front that “she has spent her life making sure people are treated with fairness no matter their background.” The back of the lit lists “Pass Marriage Equality” as one of her top four priorities.

In the release, Lewis says that she has “no problem with any religious entity or organization disregarding or opposing marriage between same gender people…What I do not support is a system that enables these beliefs to determine our laws.”

This is something of odd tack for Lewis, since both of her opponents, Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat, who has been endorsed by most of the political establishment, including Council speaker Christine Quinn, and district leader Mark Levine, both favor marriage equality.

Says Lewis, they “just seem less enthused about their support for equal rights.”

The district used to cover the Upper West Side, but got pushed up the island into the more Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights in 2002 by Republicans who wanted to get rid of Schneiderman.


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Anna Lewis Makes Gay Marriage Push in Wash Heights State Sen. Race