Anna Wintour’s Obama Dinner Was Intimate, Top Secret

There’s been remarkably little information to come out Anna Wintour’s fundraising dinner for Barack Obama, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to glean whatever tidbits they can about the hedonistic back-room deal session.

By all accounts (one) the dinner was fairly intimate and the president “managed to spend time and sat at every single table.” That quote comes from Andre Balázs, via New York‘s Bennett Marcus, who caught up with hotelier after the dinner. Balázs seems to be the only attendee who went on the record about the soiree and comes off as extremely nervous about offending some combination of the Secret Service or Anna.

Sytleite camped outside Wintour’s home before the dinner, an exercise that yielded literally no information, but WWD had a little more luck staking out the place afterwards. They noted via Twitter that Obama left the home half an hour after the event, which seems to be an indication that he was having a good time. Or the food was served late. Honestly, nobody knows anything.

WWD also scored a partial guest list by photographing those leaving Wintour’s house. It’s presented in slideshow format and will surprise no one. Guests included: Bee Shaffer, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman, Andrew Rosen and Tory Burch. Anna Wintour’s Obama Dinner Was Intimate, Top Secret