APP:Runyan No Mathlete

Third District Congressional candidate Republican Jon Runyan thought he had his bell rung for the last tijme when he retired from professional football. But unfortunately for the first-time candidate, the Asbury Park Press threw a chop block on the former offensive lineman earlier this week.

In an Editorial on Runyan’s “Eight Point Plan to Lower Taxes,” the Press savaged the candidate, accusing him of pandering to voters and possessing  “stunningly naive” views on Social Security.

A taste of the Press’s penalty call.

“He apparently made all these promises with a straight face. And no answer to how the federal government, facing record and growing deficits, would compensate for the untold billions in lost revenue.There is some truth to the maxim that anything that can be put in a nutshell probably belongs there — bullet-pointed 8-point plans among them.”

Runyan’s camp responded:

“After recklessly spending New Jersey to the brink of bankruptcy and giving our state the highest taxes in the nation as a State Senator, and then voting more than 90% of the time with Nancy Pelosi to guarantee exploding deficits for years to come as a Congressman, career politician John Adler has absolutely zero credibility on fiscal matters,” Spokesman Chris Russell said in an email  “Jon Runyan, on the other hand, believes the best way to improve our economy and create jobs is to cut taxes and reduce federal spending.  His eight-point tax cut plan will provide relief across the board to families, seniors on a fixed income and businesses; his Red Ink Task Force will identify inefficient government programs and identify substantial cuts to federal spending; and his proposal for a balanced budget amendment will force government to finally live within its means.”


APP:Runyan No Mathlete