Back When They Were Young, Ambitious, Semi-Employed

While The Times wrings its hands, the new blog The Days of Yore offers reassurance for the under-employed youth. The site interviews real-life famous people (Writers! Actors, even!) about their pasts. How did they manage to survive and (eventually) succeed when, as Anne Fadiman puts it, one’s salad days can seem like “smallish piles of rather wilted lettuce”?

Here’s Sam Lipsyte on beginning to identify himself as a writer:

I started at parties in college. I thought it would impress women. Of course I was just a poseur, but so was everybody else, so it didn’t matter. If anybody pitied me enough to offer some sort of physical contact, be it just a mild brushing of coat sleeves, I am sure it was despite the fact that I said I was a writer.

The real estate descriptions and grocery lists are very encouraging. Take heart, Unemployed Class of ’10 Philosophy Major!

(Via The Book Bench)

Back When They Were Young, Ambitious, Semi-Employed