Bloomberg Interns Are Scions of Powerful People, Friends

Talk of nepotism and fame in internship-getting is commonplace these days, but the New York Times wanted us to know more about these priviledged few. The paper used the Freedom of Information Act to get a list of City Hall interns. The story says:

Of course, it is not unusual for young people with connections to win choice internships in all kinds of workplaces.

But the records offer a glimpse inside the social and power circles of the Bloomberg administration, which has accommodated dozens of young people with connections to the mayor’s friends, business associates and government appointees for the prestigious, if unpaid, slots.

The interns mentioned in the article include among many others Jacob Doctoroff, son of not-mentioned-by-name former deputy mayor and now Bloomberg LP president Daniel Doctoroff and Alexander Blankfein, son of Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Hey, at least they weren’t paid!

The Times points out how young some of these kids were when they got the job. Mr. Doctoroff was in eighth grade.

“It was either that or going to summer camp,” Mr. Doctoroff told the Times. Do they play Capture the Flag at City Hall?

Bloomberg Interns Are Scions of Powerful People, Friends