Bloomberg vs. The Judicial Branch

The mayor isn’t very pleased with yesterday’s decision by an appellate court that blocked his attempts to shut down 19 failing schools.

The courts faulted the city for failing to give community notification and hold hearings on the school closures; the teachers’ union sued, won in lower court, and, yesterday, a five judge panel unanimously upheld the ruling.

But in the mayor’s view, the judicial branch just doesn’t get it.

Rather than accept the decision and admit flaws in the way the city implemented the closures, Mayor Bloomberg took the opposite route, going on the offensive.

“I thought they made a terrible mistake,” he said. “We’re playing with children’s lives, not with whether the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.” (He did note that “you can’t criticize the judges” before adding, “this is not what they should be doing.”)

The mayor vowed to try again:

“You may get different judges, and maybe next time they’ll say, ‘Well you fixed some of the things but not others.’ The issue was, we had the data, it wasn’t on the website. Spare me. For God’s sake. The parents know that these are failing schools.

We will go through the process again, it will take another six months or whatever, but it’s another year in the school calendar. How can you sit there and deliberately–the judges should have found a way to interpret the law–and they have plenty of discretion, that’s ridiculous to say they don’t–to accomplish what’s good for society. They are part of society too. “





Bloomberg vs. The Judicial Branch