Christie channels Corzine

Former Gov. Jon Corzine’s most reliable rhetorical touch on the campaign trail was the word “right,” which he typically used to turn battle cries into questions.

“We’re going to go out there and win – right?”

He used it as a big toe probe to tap the attention spans and involve audiences that more times than not appeared either disengaged or paralyzed with boredom.

This oratorical flourish had the effect of twisting would-be commands into shaky moments and Shermanesque declarative sentences into needy approbation seeking.  

Always eager to expound on his bluntness as an antidote to Corzine, Christie employed the same touch this morning in a tweet announcing that fossilized shock jock Don Imus couldn’t understand Christie’s adulation of Bruce Springsteen.

Channeling Corzine, the governor said, “We Jerseyans sure can, right?

Christie channels Corzine