Christie Scores Invite to Pres Visit

Gov. Chris Christie will be attending the arrival ceremony for President Obama tomorrow afternoon. 

The Gov.’s invite clears up the outstanding question of whether the president would snub the governor, who has made few friends on the left with his take no prisoners style.  According to the governor’s schedule, he will meet Obama at the airport for a 12:50 arrival ceremony. Newark Mayor Cory Booker also is scheduled to attend.

The meet and greet could produce some tension as Christie is quickly becoming a darling of the national right and has been discussed in some circles as a one-day candidate for national office. He will come to the event from an interview with the Today Show, where he will undoubtedly be asked if his future plans involve challenging Obama in 2012. 

Some administration officials have expressed behind-the-scenes frustration with the Obama team’s outreach and scheduling for the event and privately wondered if the delay in confirming the invitation was due to disorganization on the part of the president’s advance team or whether it was meant to slight the freshman governor.

Asked to respond to the criticism, Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts said: “It is always a positive thing when the President of the United States visits your state. Nobody in this administration thinks otherwise.”

To add to the fun, he recently threw Booker to the wolves over his proposed 2.5 percent constitutionally imposed property tax cap. Booker sided with Christie in the debate rather than his own party before being abandoned by the Gov., who struck a deal with the Democrats over the cap.

Obama is visting New Jersey to talk about tax credits and loans to small businesses.  After leaving the airport, he will head to a sub shop in Edison.



Christie Scores Invite to Pres Visit