“Club Girls” Sleep With Celebs, Report on It

Beware the “club girl!”

The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday that this breed of attractive nightlife reporter for tabloids like OK! and Star oprates undercover at clubs to get juicy celebrity gossip.

“Mainstream” media are forced to stay out, the article says, but the club girl hops past the red velvet rope. Also? She will sleep with a celebrity and write about it for tens of thousands of dollars.

The article describes her as if she were something out of film noir — a “glamorous breed of covert reporters who infiltrate Hollywood’s VIP sanctums to write celebrity exposés for the tabloids.”

Even though the article’s subhead asks “but is it ethical?” The discussion of journalistic ethics is fairly weak:

McCoppin explained how she weighed the ethics of writing a tell-all expose.

“We always ask ourselves before we do a story, ‘Is this going to hurt their marriage?’ or ‘Is this going to hurt their career?’ ” McCoppin said. ‘And if the answer is yes, we try to avoid it or soften it.'”

This is from the girl who was paid $40,000 for handing over a story to News of the World about her “weekend tryst” — the article’s words — with Robbie Williams.

“Club Girls” Sleep With Celebs, Report on It