Coffey Calls on Rice to Release Financial Disclosure Forms, Too

In response to our post last week about Kathleen Rice calling upon Sean Coffey to release his tax returns, Sean Coffey spokesperson Tammy Sun has now asked Kathleen Rice to do the same.

“Instead of attacking Sean Coffey on something he has already
willingly offered to do, perhaps District Attorney Rice should first
follow Coffey’s lead and release her unredacted financial disclosure
forms.  Sean Coffey earned his living by defending defrauded
firefighters, teachers, retirees, police officers and other
hardworking families in complex battles against corporate giants like
WorldCom and Arthur Andersen, winning back billions of dollars for the
victims.  He’s proud to have held executives personally accountable
and wants to bring the same level of accountability to Albany as
Attorney General.

We look forward to a robust conversation about real issues that
actually impact the lives of New Yorkers at tomorrow’s debate, if the
District Attorney finally decides to attend.”

Last week, Rice’s campaign noted that they called on Coffey to release his tax returns, but he had instead released his financial disclosure forms, which are filed with state’s Public Integrity Commission and show where a candidate has invested their money, where he has worked, etc. A Coffey campaign source however said that Coffey intends to release his full tax form shortly, but said that he filed for an extension and is waiting on information from one of his investments.

This tit-for-tat between Rice and Coffey comes as many political observers have noted a major push by Coffey in recent weeks to be considered in the first tier of candidates, including a strong performance at the first official debate and a recent announcement that he pour another $1 million into his campaign account.





Coffey Calls on Rice to Release Financial Disclosure Forms, Too