Coffey Hits Schneiderman Back

Sean Coffey defended himself against Eric Schneiderman’s charge that he favored a “George Bush policy” of taxing the middle class instead of the rich by reiterating his support for not raising taxes and saying that he backs Andrew Cuomo’s call for a property tax cap.

“As New Yorkers face the greatest recession in a generation, now is not the time to raise taxes on New Yorkers,” Coffey said in a statement. “Doing so would only undercut President Obama’s economic recovery program and kill off job creation.”


Coffey also tried to tie Schneiderman to the budget woes of Albany, accusing him of being one of “the politicians in Albany who can’t seem to pass a balanced budget or effectively root out public corruption.”

Coffey contrasted his stance with that of Schneiderman and Richard Brodsky at a Crain’s Breakfast Forum this morning, saying that unlike them he did not favor tax hikes on the wealthy.

The exchange reveals how the rest of the field increasingly views Coffey as a threat after months in which he languished barely above the margin of error in most polls. It is worth noting as well that unlike some of his opponents who have longer public records, Coffey remains largely undefined in the public’s eye. As such, in several of the debates, Westchester Assemblyman Richard Brodsky has called Coffey a “millionaire,” a line that Schneiderman reiterated in his release earlier today.

Coffey has always been quick to interject that he is, in fact, a “self-made millionaire.”

Coffey Hits Schneiderman Back