Cookies Behind the Rope! Fun in the Sun for Reporters at Allen & Co. Getaway

The media mogul conference in Sun Valley is mostly private, but of course the media has to cover it. (Dollar-bill man Henry Blodget wondered what gave them the right yesterday.)

This year there’s especially nothing happening — just billionaires playing putt-putt and riding bicycles. Oh, wait, Warren Buffet watched some ice skating set to Lady Gaga. No, wait, still nothing. New York Times business reporter Michael de la Merced is on the scene doodling in his Reporter’s Notebook:

But that doesn’t mean a mogul can’t have some fun. Over there, Warren E. Buffett is relaxing over lunch as skaters on the rink pirouette to the strains of Lady Gaga. And look, by the bar — isn’t that Harvey Weinstein? Yes, with Terry Semel of Yahoo. And there goes Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York, saying how much he hoped LeBron James would join the Knicks (he won’t). The trout, browns and rainbows, are rising on Silver Creek. Just about every bike in town is rented out.

The trout are jumpin’! Last year at least there was some grand theft auto when Universal Pictures’ Ron Meyer tried to take BET founder Bob Johnson’s rental car.

This year the reporters have become the story, at least for the Idaho Mountain Express. Trevon Milliard with the scoop!

New York Times reporter Michael J. de la Merced said Wednesday that a waiter came over with cookies for the reporters, but only gave the treats to those staying in the “press pen.”

“A way to train reporters?” he asked.

Financial Times media reporter Ken Li, who is based in New York, was also quoted in the article. “It’s really disturbing,” he said, talking about the way the press was being cordoned off. He tweeted on Wednesday, “The press is penned into a corner. The moguls are kenneled off on the lawn. Two zoos. No spectators. Sun Valley 2010.”

Cookies and a tan doesn’t sound that bad, even behind bars. We’re also confident that one of them will cook up some news.

Cookies Behind the Rope! Fun in the Sun for Reporters at Allen & Co. Getaway