Credico’s Backers Take To The Nation

A supporter of Randy Credico has taken a full-page ad out in The Nation magazine making the comedian’s case in his long-shot bid to unseat Chuck Schumer. The text-heavy ad says Schumer, “may have the highest IQ in the Senate…and is a model ‘KODAK-minute’ family man” BUT it also notes that Schumer supports the PATRIOT Act, the Iraq and Afghan wars, and the ‘War On Drugs.’

The ad also tells readers that “Reading The Nation isn’t enough”  and warns fence-sitters to back Credico “if you want to face yourself in the mirror.”

The ad is independent of Credico’s campaign — which is a good thing, because, according to the ad, Credico only has a little over $4,000 in the bank and he is now tied up in court dealing with a petition challenge.

Text at the bottom says the ad was paid for by the Alliance for Community Elections, “an independent, non-profit community colelctive that is not affiliated with any political party or candidate,” but it was bankrolled by Steve Brown, a member of the board over at Pacifica-owned WBAI where he has apparently made some enemies.

“I happened to see some of Randy’s emails and I thought his self-promotion wasn’t as effective as it could be,” Brown said. He added that he has “twenty-five years experience in helping non-profits and broadcast media and sometimes politicians get their name out.”

He chose The Nation because “most sober, progressive, radical people read it” and because “half of its circulation is on the East Coast and most of that is in New York and Washington so it gets a lot of attention by people who make decisions.”

The magazine’s circulation is around 150,000. A full-page ad will typically cost around $10,000 and will run for several weeks. Brown declined to say how much he paid.

Credico said that he was not close to Brown, and that, following FEC rules, he did not coordinate with him on the ad.

In fact, he said, “I wish he would have put the money into the campaign instead of an ad because I’m sure it cost a lot of money.”

He continued: “I think it’s clever ad. It doesn’t even get my name in there until three-quarters of the way down though.”

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Credico’s Backers Take To The Nation