Cuomo’s Receipts, Sorted

For all those thrilled by the details of campaign finance, we’ve put together an Excel sheet with contributions to Andrew Cuomo’s campaign. (The rather Byzantine state campaign finance records system doesn’t make records available in any sort of decently sort-able format, so journalists and others perusing the records must either play with PDFs of chronological contributions or a list of contributions on a web page.)

By putting the contributions into Excel, it makes them easier to play with and get an understanding of the breakdown of his fundraising. One thing this helps highlight in the case of Cuomo: his reliance on large donors. For instance, his average donation, of the 10,152 donations he has filed with the Board of Elections since January 1, 2007, comes out to $2,666. Rick Lazio, who is not getting much support from big business and those with business before the state, has a much lower average, at $579. And Eliot Spitzer’s, at the same point in the campaign, was $1,847.

A few other stats: 1,936 donations of at least $5,000; 1,290 donations of $200 or less.

Cuomo has recently defended his outsized fundraising by noting that Carl Paladino has said he might spend up to $10 million of his own money on the race.

Another thought: if things play out at all like they have with the budget for the past three years, Cuomo will presumably face negative television ads protesting his proposed budget cuts. A healthy campaign war chest would allow him to finance counterattack ads to help support his agenda (Eliot Spitzer did this when he faced off against the health care union).

Here’s the full Excel sheet, available for download through Scribd (which requires a free login).

(Rick Lazio’s, for those interested, are here.)

Cuomo’s Contributions


Cuomo’s Receipts, Sorted