Dems Ask Lazio For His Opinion On FinReg

Jay Jacobs, chair of the state Democratic Party, slammed G.O.P gubernatorial nominee Rick Lazio for failing to publicly take a position on the financial regulatory overhaul that just passed Congress.

In a release, he noted that Senate candidate David Malpass and Harry Wilson have stated positions. Both oppose it.

“[As] Congress votes on the most significant financial overhaul legislation since the Great Depression, Lazio has no right to stay silent,” Jacobs wrote in the release. “Main Street New Yorkers still reeling from the financial meltdown deserve to hear from Lazio himself – is he still taking his orders from Wall Street or will he lend his voice to stopping another financial catastrophe?”

Lazio worked for J.P Morgan Chase between his 2000 loss to Hillary Clinton and announcing this campaign last year, and Democrats accuse him of not being forthcoming about how much he made there.

In response, Lazio spokesman Barney Keller said that the former Congressman was focusing on issues that would actually be before the next governor.

“There is a lot to fix in Albany without getting into matters of the Senate,” he said.

Speaking of problems in Albany, the Lazio campaign may have just run hard up against a big one. Andrew Cuomo is out with his fundraising numbers.


Dems Ask Lazio For His Opinion On FinReg