Dems Lead in County Fundraising

Democratic County parties have outraised their Republican counterparts by half, pulling in more than $1.5 million so far this year.

The state’s 21 Republican county parties have pulled in $863,000 so far and also lag in cash on hand.  In total, the Democratic county committees have more than $1.5 million banked, while the GOP holds just over $1 million.

The Bergen county Democrats, embroiled in a fight to keep the county executive seat they now hold were the third most flush party in the state, having raised $267,000 so far this year and holding $271,000 in the bank.  The Bergen Republicans hold jus $12000 on hand.

In all four Democratic county committees – Bergen, Camden, Passaic and Union – had more than $100,000 on hand compared with just one GOP county committee – Burlington – that carries a six figure account.  That party has the most cash of any county committee with a bank account brimming with mroe than $719,000.

Three parties were in the red – the Burlington, Mercer and Hudson County Democrats – with the Hudson Dems leading the way with a deficit of $181,000.

Democratic committees lead the fundraising in 14 counties while the GOP takes the honors in six.  In Hudson County, Republicans have not filed a report.


Dems Lead in County Fundraising