Deprived of debates, Sipprelle settles for diners

Wall Street businessman Scott Sipprelle today hyped a mixing with the masses “Diner Tour,” which he kicked off last month at the Americana Diner in East Windsor, and which he continues next week at the Manalapan Diner in Englishtown and the All Season Diner II in Freehold in lieu of no 12th District debate schedule. 

“New Jersey’s diners are proving to be a great place to spread my message of economic renewal and political reform and to get instant feedback from an audience that is opinionated and yearning to make their voices heard,” marveled Sipprelle, who’s challenging U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (D-Princeton).   

 “I hope to visit at least one such establishment in all of the district’s 44 towns over the coming weeks and months, and look forward to friendly handshakes and vigorous discussion at every stop.”    

Sipprelle’s diner tour reminder accompanied his disappointment at Holt’s decision not to debate him, calling “Holt’s strategy of scripted public events and impersonal telephone town halls was indicative of someone who has been in Washington so long they don’t know how to connect with their constituents anymore.”  

“The taxpayers of the 12th District deserve a representative who is visible, engaged and willing to listen to their concerns face-to-face,” said Sipprelle.  “That’s exactly who they will get if they vote for me in November.”

Deprived of debates, Sipprelle settles for diners