DiNapoli Gets NARAL, Declines to Comment on Indy Party

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli received the endorsement of NARAL today, and took time to hit his GOP opponent, Harry Wilson, on his views on choice.

“It is dismaying and disturbing that Harry Wilson, who has been endorsed by the Conservative Party in New York, does not have a public position on this extremely important issue,” he said in a release. “I am forced to believe that he shares the Conservative Party’s stance in staunch opposition to current abortion laws.”

Kelli Conlin, President of NARAL New York, said that Wilson did not return the group’s questionnaire.

NARAL has been a bit stingy with their endorsements, declining to endorse any Democratic incumbent in the state Senate for what they see as a lack of progress on reproductive health issues.

If DiNapoli hit Wilson on his ties to the Conservative Party, he declined to comment on the Independence Party, which also endorsed Wilson and is going through some troubles of its own, some of which are related to that endorsement.

“There are those who are examining that situation,”  he said. “And that will play itself out.”

It is worth noting that Andrew Cuomo also was endorsed by the Independence Party, so many Dems are refraining from hitting the IP too hard.


DiNapoli Gets NARAL, Declines to Comment on Indy Party