Does DCCC Consider Adler Safe or Expendable?

The National Journal’s Hotline is reporting that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has bought ad time in more than a dozen House districts nationwide where the party believes its incumbent could be vulnerable.

Adler’s district, the NJ 3rd, is not on the list, which could mean the party is not worried about his seat.

But state GOP operatives have another take:  Bloomberg reported today that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has told colleagues that some of the more vulnerable Representatives are expendable and may not be in the party’s money plans for the fall election.  State Republicans are hoping Adler has been cut loose.

Another, more likely possibility: With nearly $2 million in the bank, the DCCC figures there are Dems who need their money more than Adler.

Adler’s spokesman did not return a call for comment.


Does DCCC Consider Adler Safe or Expendable?