Elsewhere: Espada, Snooki, Palin

Mayor Bloomberg calls a proposed investigation into the so-called “Ground Zero” mosque “baseless.”

David Paterson heard about the no-bid contract that went to the parent company that employs his wife when he read about it on the cover of the Post.

Pedro Espada Jr. says he has collected 10,000 signatures.

Why it’s hard to throw the bums out.

Tom Golisano did not want to discuss Andrew Cuomo in the Independent line.

Tobacco advocates don’t like the park and beach ban the mayor seems to favor.

Newt Gingrich: “I’ve never been this serious” about running for president.

Sarah Palin endorses in NY-25.

A new pro-Israel group is forming to challenge President Obama’s mideast policy.

Justice Sotomayor is writing her memoirs.

Jersey Shore star and voice of her generation Snooki tells Meghan McCain she voted for her father because he was “cute.”


Elsewhere: Espada, Snooki, Palin