Elsewhere: Fundraising Follapallooza

Celeste Katz gives a run-down of the latest in filing news.

Charlie Rangel goes to the HuffPo to make the case for extending unemployment benefits.

Regents exams may be too easy .

More trouble for Chris Cox in NY-1: His finance director just left to go work for his opponent.

And also on LI, Dave Mejias, a Nassau County legislator considered a comer until his upset loss last year, has a big fundraising period in a crucial race for control of the state Senate.

The state DOT is torn about  whether or not to tear down the Sheridan Expressway in the Bronx.

Bronx pols are alarmed that St. Barnabas Hospital isn’t bargaining with its unionized residents.

Dan Donovan has over $500,000 on hand for the AG’s race. More than $150,000 of that came from a fundraiser hosted by Mayor Bloomberg.

To put that in perspective, over on the Democratic side Kathleen Rice has $4.1 million on hand.

Pedro Espada is having trouble handing out money.

It increasingly looks as if Levi Johnston is a plant to derail Sarah Palin’s political career.


Elsewhere: Fundraising Follapallooza