Elsewhere: More on McMahon

Jay Jacobs was offended by Mike McMahon’s campaign compiling a list of Jewish donors.

So was the state G.O.P.

As was the Republican Jewish Coalition

Steve Levy will not be running for governor.

Hiram Monserrate will be running for Assembly.

Again with the nonpartisan elections, perhaps.

Bill de Blasio weighs in in The Nation about the Citizens United case.

Richard Cohen says it was Rangel’s pride that did him in.

He appears to be getting little more than a reprimand.

Bubba is in Rhinebeck.

The ADL is against the Ground Zero mosque.

Peter King on the Democrats: “They’re afraid of taking a tough vote and as a result of that, they’re willing to let cops and firefighters die,”

And Richard Lipsky makes the comparison between the Flushing Commons vote in the City Council and Poland circa 1939.


Elsewhere: More on McMahon