Elsewhere: Obama, Cameron, Kagan

Bloomberg will help raise money for Sen. Harry Reid.

Sen. Bill Perkins rejects claims that he’s running against Bloomberg.

The climate bill is facing rising tides.

Obama met with Cameron but stopped short of calling for an investigation into the release of the Lockerbie bomber and BP.

In star-power news, Mark Ruffalo and Peter Seeger head to Albany to ban “hyrdofracking,” and Ron Artest supports Reshma Saujani.

The Commission on Public Integrity was wrong: lobbying is more lucrative than previously thought.

An aspiring Mosque developer laughs at Sarah Palin.

Antoine Thompson’s fight gets tougher.

Good news for Dems for the first time since March. And this, too.

Sen. Schumer is the most active member of congress. And he’s backing Rangel.

Elena Kagan gets the Senate’s OK.

Nancy Pelosi gets invited to join the Tea Party, finally.

Ag. Sec. Tom Vilsack takes responsibility for making USDA official quit. Elsewhere: Obama, Cameron, Kagan