Elsewhere: Paldino, Dinallo, Cox

Financial reform is now law.

Carl Paladino found himself in the crosshairs of the state Democratic Party.

Eric Dinallo said that if elected AG he would not defend state agencies that he thought were doing something morally wrong.

Chris Cox landed Jeb Bush in the endlessly entertaining NY-1 primary.

George Demos, a rival in that race, called for a church to be built at Ground Zero.

Tom Vilsack seemed humbled when he offered the job back to Breitbarted official Shirley Sherrod.

Somebody is selling out Jim Messina however, Marc Ambinder reports.

The National Enquirer found two more massage therapists who say they were abused by Al Gore.

And this searing piece of social commentary will continue.

Elsewhere: Paldino, Dinallo, Cox