Elsewhere: Rangel Party Planning

Congressman Charlie Rangel’s birthday party is getting complicated.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand plans on being there.

So does Senator Schumer.

A spokesman for Governor David Paterson said he hasn’t planned that far in advance.

Indiana Senate hopeful Brad Ellsworth became the first congressman to give back Rangel money.

Senate conference leader John Sampson is hosting a fundraiser for Ruben Diaz.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said lots of things need fixing in Albany.

NARAL New York will endorse Tom DiNapoli on Monday.

Republican AG candidate Dan Donovan said he’ll take a two-year sabbatical before running for higher office, if he wins the race.

Tom Robbins covers the proposed Cordoba mosque.

Ed Koch said he’s not chasing headlines.

Joe Bruno made it out to Saratoga today.


Elsewhere: Rangel Party Planning