Elsewhere: Snookigate?!?

The House Ethics Committee laid out the charges on Charlie Rangel.

He will be further isolated, says the WaPo.

The G.O.P says Democrats should return campaign donations.

Lanny Davis says remember Shirley Sherrod, and don’t rush to judgment

Ruben Diaz Sr will campaign heavily for Richard Brodsky.

The mayor accuses the media of being “anti-success.

Let’s have it Mr. President: Do you know who Snooki is or do you not?

Marty Golden dropped a petition challenge.

Could George Bush’s new book influence the midterms?

Democrats aren’t sure whether to remind voters of Bush or of the Tea Party.

The AtlanticWire has more on their November strategy.

Carl Paladino thinks Muslims want a mosque at Ground Zero to prove that they have “conquered America.”


Elsewhere: Snookigate?!?