Elsewhere: Vetoes Finished; Battle of the DOT Commissioners

Six-thousand-seven-hundred-nine signatures later, David Paterson is done vetoing (no word on carpal tunnel).

The Paterson administration let loose a late Friday announcement that three officials are leaving: director of operations Valerie Grey, deputy education secretary Duffy Palmer and OMRDD commissioner Diana Jones Ritter.

Wayne Barrett sees some hypocrisy in the mayor’s moves with the city budget. 

Along those lines, things are looking grim for FMAP funds, and Bloomberg said the city should ready for new cuts, just days after the budget passed.

For the Prospect Park West bike path, it’s the city transportation commissioner (Janette Sadik Khan) vs. her predecessor (Iris Weinshall, Chuck Schumer’s wife). 

There was a mini-insurrection on the OTB board, making for an embarrassing few moments for Larry Schwartz (on state webcast). 

A 32BJ-backed wage bill for utility workers has passed both houses, but Con-Ed wants Paterson to veto.

A bill meant to rout out illegal hotels passed both the Senate and Assembly as well. 

Onetime Bloomberg aide Brian Ellner will run the Campaign for New York Marriage, which seeks to unseat Joe Addabbo and other gay marriage foes.

David Malpass is going after Kirsten Gillibrand’s flip on gun issues.

Andrew Cuomo is going on the radio with Alan Chartock for the second time in three weeks

Anthony Weiner actually had some nice things to say about Bloomberg.

Barney Frank is raising for Carolyn Maloney. 

Greg David thinks the city’s economy shows “momentum that has disappeared elsewhere in the country.”

Chris Coffey is on the hunt for interns.

Eric Schneiderman is scheduled to chat with Keith Olbermann.

The DMI’s John Petro doesn’t think the MTA’s service cuts are worth it.

The MTA thinks it found a way to save $10 million.

City DOT may scale back its plans to make 34th Street a pedestrian and bus haven.

And video of the week goes to Assemblyman Jose Rivera, who simply wants to go home:

Elsewhere: Vetoes Finished; Battle of the DOT Commissioners