O On the iPad! Hearst Titles Go Digital

Under David Carey’s leadership, Hearst will follow-up its Popular Mechanics iPad app with digital editions of O, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan later this year, according to Ad Age

(@Esquiremag tweeted the Ad Age article with the line “We’re working hard on the pad for you — promise.”)

O‘s app will build on the book club experience, allowing users — the entire iPad-having staff of the magazine for example — to read books on their iPad. From Ad Age:

Capitalizing on Oprah Winfrey’s huge role recommending books to her fans, the iPad edition of O, The Oprah Magazine, that’s expected in the fourth quarter will let users buy e-books and read them within the app itself. The app preserve the basic magazine experience but include visual tags that let users know they can see a video message from Ms. Winfrey or interact in some other way. A module on articles will let users make comments and see other readers’ remarks.

Yet another reason people don’t actually need to be together anymore.

O On the iPad! Hearst Titles Go Digital