Erotic Novellas Disappear from Apple iBook Chart

Just like the titillating iPhone apps before them, erotic e-novellas are now under attack by The Man, “The Man” being Steve Jobs, who does not want your dirty desires soiling the pure aesthetics of his technology.

So speculates The Telegraph, at least:

Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story was ranked first on the iPad in a top 10 that included three other erotic novellas yesterday morning.

But all four titles disappeared simultaneously and had been replaced with less risqué books, such as Peter Mandelson’s autobiography, by the afternoon.

Book chart analysts said it was unlikely that all the erotic titles could have dropped out of the list at the same moment without being deliberately removed.

E-readers have been a boon for erotic fiction, apparently, as they allow readers to hide what they’re up to. “If it’s on your iPad then no one can tell what you’re reading,” says the charts editor of The Bookseller magazine. “You could be reading Plato.”

Really, the iPad strikes us as a weird and potentially unsavory format for sexy reading and/or viewing. But this is a point that has already been made.

Erotic Novellas Disappear from Apple iBook Chart