Eye Opener: Cheerio, Tony Hayward

Wikileaks makes some 90,000 Afghan war records available to The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel. [TheGuardian] 

Babe Ruth’s will turns up in Long Island. [NYP] 

Tony “I don’t feel my job is on the line” Hayward to resign. [WSJ]

Hundreds of old factory buildings may soon become legal residences. [NYT]

Bon Jovi apparently throws a fit because he’s not on a magazine list. [NYP]

David Carr on the Brietbart mess. [NYT]

Us Weekly‘s anniversary issue will be introspective, and quieter. [WWD]

FCIC threatens to look at Goldman‘s books. [NYP]

Brooklyn artist sues for cartoon royalties. [WSJ]

As many as 1,000 lawsuits planned for Bernie Madoff‘s victims. [NYP]

An assault at Comic Con is as sad as it sounds. [NYT]

Chelsea shelter wins city approval, allegedly hides its true purpose. [NYP]

Don’t give money to nuns in Little Italy. [NYP]

Eye Opener: Cheerio, Tony Hayward