Eye Opener: Hot Dogs and Taxes

Charlie Rangel will face a House ethics trial. [NYT]

And wasn’t pleased by Luke Russert‘s questions. [NYM]

Tim Geithner says taxes will rise for the rich. [WSJ]

Mayor Bloomberg tells Albany to take it easy on hedge funds. [NYP]

Geese slowly return to Prospect Park. [NYT]

Darth Vader robs a Long Island bank. [NYDN]

The men of The Daily Show speak out. [NYM]

Carl Paladino says he would turn the would-be mosque into a war memorial. [TimesUnion]

Mario Batali sued. [NYP]

Vendor who sold Bloomberg and Cameron hot dogs says the city is too hard on food carts. [NYDN]

Arianna Huffington may be moving to New York. [Gawker]

Conan the Barbarian painting sells for $1.5 million. [NYP]

Eye Opener: Hot Dogs and Taxes