Eye Opener: No More Mortimer, ‘Plumper’ Theater Audiences

The NYPD logged 52,000 “Stop, Question and Frisk” reports from one eight-block section of Brownsville between 2006 and 
2010. [NYT]

Publisher plans Palin biography for children. [NYT]

“Theaters Playing to Plumper Audiences.” [WSJ]

Really though, Mayor Bloomberg loves his iPad. [NYDN]

Company that employs Gov. Paterson’s wife has allegedly received a $300 million no-bid contract. [NYP]

Tinsley Mortimer‘s reality show gets canned. [NYP]

Book signings in Manhattan: super competitive. [WSJ]

Some gentlemen prefer antiquated shaving technology. [WSJ]

The Times likes plucky Jezebel. [NYT]

Hemingway has a shoe line now. [AP]

Shake Shack opens in Times Square. [NYDN]

Adieu to the voice of the Yankees. [NYT]

And also, to the cigarette machine. [NYT]

Eye Opener: No More Mortimer, ‘Plumper’ Theater Audiences