Eye Opener: Public Image ‘Worthless,’ the NYPD’s Ticker

Steinbrenner’s heirs probably saved $500 million by avoiding the federal estate tax. [NYP]

City comptroller will pressure banks to delay forclosures. [NYT]

Anthony Weiner has a “super sweet” summer. [WSJ]

Non-illegal hotels come to Brooklyn. [NYT]

Tiki Barber’s image became “worthless overnight,” alleges a company that’s sued him for being a bad spokesman. [NYP]

Nanny novels having a moment. [NYT]

Mayor Bloomberg is pretty chill about concerts. [WSJ]

Fela’s Kuti‘s son sees the show. [NYT]

NYPD cruisers now come equipped with a news ticker. [NYDN]

Stieg Larsson‘s friend says he was nearly done with the last book. [NYT]

GQ scores LeBron James for its cover… provided he doesn’t decide to go to some other magazine after leading them on. [WWD]

Eye Opener: Public Image ‘Worthless,’ the NYPD’s Ticker