Goodwin Running With ELEC Ball

State Sen. Tom Goodwin (R-Hamilton) is hoping to pick up where his two predecessors in the 14th district left off.

Goodwin, who is facing a tough special election fight from Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro) in November, announced Wednesday he would introduce legislation to toughen the state’s pay to play laws.  Goodwin said his legislation will mirror recommendations made earlier this month by the state Election Law Enforcement Commission.

“The days of backroom deals are over and a new day of government transparency has finally arrived,” said Goodwin. “I commend ELEC for proposing these common sense reforms that will give residents the assurance to know that the professional politicians can no longer trade contracts for campaign cash.”

Among the recommendations from the commission were the removal of the “fair and open” provision from the state law banning donations from state contractors.  That provision allows the state to circumvent the law as long as the contracts are advertised.  Goodwin said he would also push for the state law to be extended to all municipalities.

Goodwin’s predecessors in the 14th District former Republican Senators Peter Inverso and Bill Baroni were strong advocates of campaign finance regulation both proposing legislation to curb pay to play,

At the local level, Goodwin helped draft legislation banning pay to play in Hamilton, where he served as a councilman.

Goodwin’s proposal came on the same that Greenstein announced her own plans to stiffen campaign finance regulation, pushing for issue advocacy groups to reveal their donor lists.

Ethics promise to be a central component of the race for the 14th District seat as both candidates attempt to paint themselves as reformers.  

Goodwin Running With ELEC Ball