Times Readers Ask Mad Man Big Questions

The TimesMad Men mania — spoilers! an interactive timeline! — continues with their “Ask A Real Mad Man” feature on the City Room blog (published with the tag “Mad Men City,” naturally). The blog has enlisted real-life mad man (!) Ed McCabe to answer questions about life back in the day of three-martini lunches. (Esquire retweeted the link adding “Cool. #MadMen.” What would George Lois say?)

We’re curious to see which of the reader-submitted questions he will be answering.

For example:

– “Per the season 4 premiere, did real-lfe MAD MEN really eat alot of CHICKEN KIEV? If not, where did they dine & what did they feast on…”

– “Is it true you once kept a live chicken in your office to try and get the account with Perdue? I was very inspired by this and once kept a goat in my office for several weeks.”

– “Did you know Don Draper?”

– “If you were hired to improve Popeye’s biskits ‘n gravey image , would you consider hiring Lady Gaga to make a flour-and-brown-food-dye-themed-video in which she appears only in wheat-dust and caramel?”

– “Are you not appalled at the immoral advertising in the media today? Yes, it reflects the tastes of Hollywood and a small minority of liberal thinking Americans, but running print and TV ads with indecent language, almost naked women, and disgusting characters affects the millions of readers and viewers. Watching TV or cable these days is like flushing the toilet in your living room. Do you ever think it will improve or are we going the way of the Roman Empire?”

Hey, we just want to know if anyone’s foot was ever was run over by a lawn mower.

Times  Readers Ask Mad Man Big Questions