Daily News Awkwardly Reunites Rescued Girl and Superhero

You may remember a heartwarming story from yesterday wherein an Afghan war veteran dived into New York harbor to save a woman who’d slipped from her ferry near Wall Street. 

You may have thought that the story ended there. But no! The Daily News thought it was worthy of a follow-up with the couple, and it was awkward. For one, the story portrays the victim, Danielle Julia DiMonda, as fawning over her rescurer despite the fact that he’s in a relationship.

But Nicholas Przybyla, the veteran, did something genuinely selfless and it’s not their fault that the article about the reunion — which features a picture of Przybyla pointing with DiMonda to the spot where she fell in — was so strange. It just seems that being rescued by a veteran is one of those things that’s hard to describe unless you were there.

Also, both romanticized the encounter slightly. Przybyla even seemed to do this during the rescue.

“I asked him, ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘I’m the Dark Knight.’ That made me feel safe,” [DiMonda] recalled. ” I knew I was going to be all right then.”

For her part, the “blushing” DiMonda said she “felt like Lois Lane, Superman just came to the rescue out of nowhere.”

“I can’t see someone hurting and look the other way,” Przybyla said, possibly while watching the sun set.

Will anything pull these kids out of their elaborate superhero fantasy?

…DiMonda said, they’re friends on Facebook, and she will try to help the out-of-work vet find a job in new media or marketing.


Daily News Awkwardly Reunites Rescued Girl and Superhero