Journal Investigates Young Hamptons-Goers With No Cash

And all they want to do is get home from the Hamptons!

The Journal this morning investigates a phenomenon of young Hamptonites who don’t bring cash on the Long Island Rail Road, which only accepts cash for on board tickets.

Ms. Osgood is part of what Long Island Rail Road officials say is a growing trend of debit- and credit-card-reliant young people who get on trains from the Hamptons without cash and without prepaid tickets.

They’re creating hassles for conductors, who have to take down the names and addresses of ticketless passengers and give them invoices.

But some of the stations don’t even have ticket machines. These beach-going kids don’t stand a chance.

Don’t think the LIRR is taking this matter sitting down. They are, according to the Journal, “increasing signage and efforts to remind young riders that they need cash to buy tickets on trains.” Yes, signs. They always do the trick.


Journal Investigates Young Hamptons-Goers With No Cash