In the name of the taxpayers, Schillari backs off of lawsuit against Perez

Hudson County Undersheriff and Democratic Party Sheriff Candidate Frank Schillari today said he is withdrawing a civil rights lawsuit he filed against Sheriff Juan Perez because of “potentially high legal costs for taxpayers.”

The history hurts here, on both sides.

Dumped by the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO), Perez canned Schillari after Schillari announced that he was running against the sheriff in the Democratic Primary, with the full-fledged support of the HCDO. 


 Refashioned as a Republican candidate for office, Perez later quietly mea culpa’d and reinstated Schillari.  


 Paul Swibinski, a spokesman for Schillari, issued the following statement today.


“Undersheriff Schillari’s attorney has filed a Notice of Dismissal Without Prejudice – which means that his lawsuit can be reinstated at any time should Sheriff Perez again violate the law or harass any other Sheriff’s Officers. There’s no question that Perez’s firing of Schillari was an illegal political retaliation and that Schillari’s civil rights were violated. However, because this federal lawsuit could have cost taxpayers tens and perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, Frank has decided to withdraw it at this time.  We are calling on the Sheriff to keep politics out of the day to day operations of the Office and to simply allow all Sheriff’s Officers and employees to support or not support any candidates they wish. If the Sheriff or any of his agents harass, threaten or intimidate any other employees, this lawsuit will be promptly reinstated.”

In the name of the taxpayers, Schillari backs off of lawsuit against Perez