Inside a Reshma Fundraiser on the Upper East Side

A Washington Post reporter got coveted access to a fundraiser for Wall Street sweetheart and would-be Upper East Side congresswoman Reshma Saujani and delivers the goods in this morning’s paper:

[D]ozens of rich New Yorkers are gathered around a grand piano, sipping white wine in the living room of an elegant high-rise apartment. There is plenty of gossip to be heard, but this is not a social event. The city’s moneyed elite have come to commiserate about their growing distaste for their longtime congresswoman, Carolyn B. Maloney — and to open their wallets for the unlikely 34-year-old challenger they hope will defeat her.

Here’s what Ms. Saujani said to the well-heeled crowd:

“We need to extend a hand rather than a fist” to Wall Street, Saujani tells the guests at the apartment. “In New York, it’s complicated because 35 percent of our revenue comes from the financial services industry. We need to have transparency and reform, but we also need to understand that . . . it’s just as easy to go work in Singapore and London and Bangalore, and we can’t make it so difficult to do business here that people will vote with their feet.”

Read the whole profile here. And The Observer‘s profile of Ms. Saujani here.


Inside a Reshma Fundraiser on the Upper East Side