Irony for a summer day

Since the president didn’t provide us with much in the way of real news today, we’ll report some political irony about his visit last summer instead.  It was just over a year ago, July 16th to be exact, when  Obama came to the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel. It was one of three visits to stump for Gov. Jon Corzine’s doomed campaign.

On that same day a young Democratic leader who waited patiently to get a handshake with the new president had earlier that morning availed himself of $10,000 of federal investigators’ campaign donations via cooperating witness Solomon Dwek, according to the criminal complaint.

Although Hoboken Mayor and well-known Democratic election lawyer Peter Cammarano’s hands never touched the money -a bagman allegedly picked it up for him- he certainly soiled his paws figuratively before shaking the president’s hand the same day.

After the visit, Cammarano hit Twitter: “It was an honor to meet President Obama today.”
He even posted a picture reaching for the president’s hand.

Cammarano eventually pleaded guilty to extortion charges for accepting $25,000 in cash installment contributions in exchange for his influence as mayor.

Irony for a summer day