Is Margaret Russell the Next Editor of AD?

Keith Kelly reports this morning that Margaret Russell will likely be named the next editor of Architectural Digest. Back in early June, she was one of our top favorites when we assembled a shortlist of candidates. She’s a hot talent in the shelter industry, and back then, we made a list of pros and cons for Ms. Russell!

Pros: She has a built a very nice little magazine at Elle Decor. She’s young and fresh. Her magazine is very product-focused and very advertiser-friendly. She’s definitely one of the hottest talents in shelter today.

Cons: Elle Decor is a very New York-L.A. magazine. The interiors inside Elle Decor are hip and the magazine is very fashiony, but it’s not nearly broad enough for a magazine like AD. Ms. Russell would have to prove she can create a new magazine.

Keith said she could be announced as early as next week. It doesn’t hurt that Deborah Needleman can be scratched off the list, either. Is Margaret Russell the Next Editor of AD?