Items! Controversial Cover Girls

A Gatsby videogame: This makes the blinking green light so much lamer.

Jerry Seinfeld is sort of a great friend to Colin Quinn.

Michael Cera lost his virginity in the traditional way.

McChrystal’s “Team America, Fuck Yeah” patch.

Sometimes Bret Easton Ellis might sound like Patrick Bateman, but at least he’s self-aware?

David Chang and Anthony Bourdain will be pissing people off again this fall, at 92Y.

…and other adventures in antagonizing an audience.

Reality TV wants you, BroBo couples.

How Supermodels are Like Toxic Assets.”

Ice cream truck crackdown.

Open Road Media will publish Iris Murdoch e-books.

The Contra cover girl sues Vampire Weekend.

Items! Controversial Cover Girls