Items! Eat, Pray, Love, Waft

Aaron Sorkin’s next takedown after Mark Zuckerberg: John Edwards.

Not even the recession can stop New York’s love of cupcakes; in fact, New York’s love of cupcakes may stop the recession.

An interview with the creator of “I Write Like” — for what it’s worth, he’s not a native English speaker.

Bret Easton Ellis calls David Foster Wallace’s nonfiction “pedestrian” and Infinite Jestunreadable.”

Ted Leo, vegan, eats horribly.

Rick Lazio’s fundraising can only be described as sad.

Here is a story about The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Ruth Madoff goes red, or at least strawberry blonde.

Oh good grief, it’s Eat, Pray, Love perfume.

Autism: a disease for the rich?

Hug a hipster.


Items! Eat, Pray, Love, Waft