Items! The Merchant of Venice, Law & Order

Jailbreaking” your iPhone is now allowed.

Law & Order & literature?

Viral marketing campaign goes unnoticed

The Merchant of Venice (and Al Pacino’s Shylock) head to Broadway.

Daniel Craig will star in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Daniel Boulud, married no more.

Dr. House, who is British, fancies himself a blues singer!

Thirteen’s summer reading list features a cute easter egg

Oh, Obama. Don’t go on The View. Please?

Vigilante justice for subway masturbator!

The Wall Street Journal is all excited to get a shoutout on Mad Men.

The Weinsteins might get another shot at Miramax.

Get ready for a New Yorker profile of Nick Denton.

Items! The Merchant of Venice, Law & Order