Items! Kenny G Will Save the Internet!

Kenny G. to Prince: The Internet is Not Dead.”

Warren Buffett also likes to dick around online.

The Facebook movie will open the New York Film Festival this fall.

Anna Chapman, sexy anti-semitic spy.

Binky Urban becomes the first agent to win the Perkins prize for supporting fiction writers.

The LA Times is pissed that seeing Shakespeare in the Park involves putting up with the weather.

Oddly, The Times asks Juliana Margulies if she would share her hypothetical Emmy award with Silda Spitzer; unsurprisingly, she says no.

Behold: M. Night Shyamalan, noted director of The Last Airbender, in a Tisch student film.

First Taylor Swift, now King Tut? Kanye West has taken upstaging people to a whole new level.

Sam Sifton’s boldest closing lines. Our fave: “It tastes of magic and happiness.”

Items! Kenny G Will Save the Internet!