Items! Nabs Big Tom Cruise Story

Tweet: “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by brevity…”

Fresh from their Beacon’s Closet adventure, the Journal covers trend forecasting for Baby Boomers.

The story of Goldman Sachs involves capes, canes, and ice cream parlors.

Drunken Russians drown escaping heatwave

The war on geese continues in New Jersey, and is appropriately much more thuggish

Requisite Improve Everywhere link. This American Life should really do a story on them!

Hardcover book sales rose 42.3% in May.

Barack Obama loves Mad Men.

Yesterday? The Platonic ideal of a Slate story. Today, Salon.

SEO-bait and Gossip Girl gone wrong Taylor Momsen will be the face of Madonna’s new clothing line.

HUGE scoop regarding Tom Cruise over at, the official website of Tom Cruise.

Items! Nabs Big Tom Cruise Story