Items! We Live in the Future

E-book sales top hardcovers on Amazon.

Bands may now be famous in three months.

A song about Levi Johnston, by Ben Folds and Nick Hornby.

If you like Mario Batali and hate Jimmy Fallon you’ll love this!

Hamilton Nolan’s new beat is complaining about other people’s complaints. See: bed bugs, heat.

Here are some snappy outfits from the jazz age parties on Governor’s Island this past weekend.

Bonus Francowatch: “I used to approach acting with a very antagonistic attitude. I was very hard to get along with as an actor. It made working in film unpleasant, and it also hurt my performances… So, I stopped.”

Let’s learn about bookmobiles.

It is hard to make scientific discoveries nowadays!

Tips from poets: “Have faith that you will get better at thinking and writing, and that people will notice it, even if stingily and reluctantly, since you’re not entitled to any attention.”

Items! We Live in the Future